What is a Scoot Coupe?

When talking with friends or potential customers about our rentals, our staff at Da Kars of Kauai often get the same question: “What exactly IS a scoot coupe?” While you may not know it by name, if you’ve ever seen one, you likely won’t forget it. The scoot coupe certainly attracts attention.

Things to Do in Hanalei

You’ve booked your accommodations in Hawaii and reserved your flights. You’ve got the big vacation-planning details out of the way, so now you’re exploring the island. You know you’ll spend ample time at the beach, but just what else is there to do in Hanalei, HI? As you search for local attractions, our staff at Da Kars of Kauai urge you to check out these five fun and popular things to do.1. Tour the Limahuli Garden and Preserve.Hawaii is full of beautiful and unique plants that you can’t find anywhere else. To find out more about local vegetation and enjoy the serene setting of the gardens, check out the Limahuli Garden and Preserve on the north shore of Kauai. With Makana Mountain in the background and the Limahuli Stream running through it. you’ll find the gardens to be picturesque and peaceful.2. Rent a kayak or canoe.From inland waterways to the … Continued

Top 5 Restaurants Near Kauai

You’ve arrived in Kauai and have picked up your scoot coupe rental from Da Kars of Kauai. Now, you’re ready to take your scooter out for a spin to enjoy some local food and flavor. As you’re looking into different restaurants, consider these top picks in and around the greater Kauai area. (For more suggestions, check out the complete list from Fodor’s Travel.)

What Was That Three-Wheeled Car in Kauai?

You’re at a restaurant or window shopping on your Hawaii vacation when suddenly a yellow vehicle with three wheels and no top drives by. With the wind in their faces and the sun on their faces, the passengers of this little scooter look like they’re enjoying Hawaii to the max. But you wonder: What exactly was that three-wheeled car? That, dear friend, is a scoot coupe. It’s a step up from the traditional scooter and has become a popular mode of transportation for vacationers throughout Kauai, Hanalei, and Poipu.

4 FAQs about Scoot Coupes

To many customers, renting a Scoot Coupe (and perhaps even seeing one!) is a brand-new experience. We get it. Our three-wheeled scooters are certainly unique. For that reason, our staff at Da Kars of Kauai is prepared to answer all your questions so you can feel comfortable and excited about your very first Scoot Coupe rental experience.In fact, we’ll start right now by answering four common questions we get from our customers.

3 Reasons to Take a Scooter Tour This Summer

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to start planning activities for this year’s family vacation in Kauai. With such a gorgeous backdrop and several activities to choose from, finding things to do in Hawaii can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, Da Kars of Kauai (home of the island’s only Scoot Coupe rental shop) also offers scooter tours that allow visitors and residents alike the opportunity to get out and explore all that the island has to offer.

Enjoy Fun in the Kauai Sun on a Scoot Coupe

Are you planning a trip to Kauai and looking for fun things to do? Forget traditional scooter rentals, and hop aboard a thrilling Scoot Coupe! You can use your Scoot Coupe rental as a mode of transportation for sightseeing, take part in one of our guided scooter tours, or simply enjoy cruising around with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back.  Da Kars of Kauai is the first Scoot Coupe rental location on the island, and we’d love to get you cruising around in one of our zippy little cars.