Along Kauai’s North Shore is Hanalei Town, a peaceful spot rich in history and culture. For a fun way to explore this charming town, consider a Scoot Coupe scooter rental from Da Kars of Kauai. Whether you’re headed to a luau or a ukulele concert, our zippy little rides will get you there in style. Call us at (808) 639-0027 to learn more about our unique scooters or request a reservation online.

What’s All The Fuss About?

Da Kars is proud to be the only Scoot Coupe rental shop on Kauai, introducing the increasingly popular vehicles to the Garden Island. The three-wheeled, gas-powered scooters carry a driver and passenger sitting side-by-side, making outings more social. And although they look like tiny convertibles, they handle more like traditional scooters.

There’s even a little trunk for your beach bag or picnic and an auxiliary cable so you can use your GPS or listen to your own music on the built-in speakers.

Explore Hanalei By Scooter

While you won’t be heading off into the nearby mountains on a 49cc scooter, there’s still plenty to explore in Hanalei. Because we want to share our passion for Kauai with you, we’re happy to suggest activities, including the following:

  • Head to Hanalei Bay and watch the surfers when the swells are big.
  • Visit the Sunshine Market (Hawaiian Farmers’ Market) and taste some fresh, local produce.
  • Go for a picnic, swim, or snorkel at any of the Hanalei Bay beaches.
  • Listen to music and watch the sunset over the Bay at the historic Hanalei Pier.
Scoot Coupe Hanalei

If you would rather have someone else lead the way, join one of our guided Scoot Coupe tours. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will make sure you see all the highlights and many of Hanalei’s hidden gems on the three-hour excursions. Ask about tailoring our tour to suit your group’s interests and schedule.

We also have scavenger hunts available for visitors who are up for a challenge with their sightseeing.

Convenient Delivery Service

We also provide island-wide delivery for an added fee. Whether you are staying at a guesthouse in Hanalei or a resort in Poipu, we are happy to get your Scoot Coupe to you so you can make the most of your time in the driver’s seat. And to ensure you make the most of your vacation budget, check out our current specials and discounts too!

We know how fun these little rides are, so we also rent GoPro cameras that allow you to capture your favorite memories without the hassle of constantly pulling out your camera. You’ll go home with a flash drive full of photos and videos.

Get a Free Quote

Contact Da Kars at (808) 639-0027 today to book your scooter rental, or review answers to some frequently asked questions for more details on Scoot Coupes. Try something new on your next trip to Kauai — we know you’ll love it! And when you do, we’d love to get your feedback.