Looking for something new and exciting to try while you’re on vacation in Hawaii? Don’t settle for an ordinary scooter rental when you can take control of a Scoot Coupe from Da Kars of Kauai! Our three-wheeled vehicles are the perfect way to experience the island with all of your senses. Contact us at (808) 639-0027 today to customize your rental, arrange for island-wide delivery, or request a reservation.

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You Need to Know …

Safe, stable, and easier to ride than traditional two-wheeled scooters, Scoot Coupes allow the passenger to sit right next to the driver, rather than behind, allowing for a more comfortable, social outing. Their small trunks have room for picnic goodies or beach gear, and an auxiliary cable allows renters to use their GPS or plug in a music player. Other details worth noting include the following:

  • Although we typically rent Scoot Coupes for three-hour blocks of time in the morning, afternoon, and evening, we also can customize rental periods upon request. Check out our specials page for more on various discounts and promotions.
  • Helmets aren’t required while you’re zipping around the island in these miniature convertibles, but we do make them available for children with every Scoot Coupe rental. Safety first!

About Da Kars of Kauai Shaka!

While you’re out in a Scoot Coupe, you will see many onlookers waving shakas to you, a friendly Hawaiian hello. Don’t forget to Shaka back!

But Wait, There’s More

In addition to getting you on the road to Hanalei or Poipu in these fun little rides, Da Kars goes to great lengths to ensure you enjoy your visit to the Garden Isle. Here are some of the extras on our menu:

  • Three-hour guided Scoot Coupe tours are perfect for those who want to skip the planning and navigating and simply enjoy the ride. We’ll take you to some great local sights; tell you a bit about the culture, history, and natural surroundings; and then get back on the scooters to head to the next destination. Ask about customizing a tour to suit your interests.
  • Our scavenger hunts, meanwhile, are geared to independent adventurers who aren’t sure where to go with their scooter rentals. We provide clues for you to follow as you make your way to must-see attractions, and you can also turn it into a friendly competition for families or other groups.
  • If you would like a customized tour or event, please call with advance notice, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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Capture Your Adventure with a GoPro!

To ensure that you don’t forget one minute of fun, Da Kars also rents waterproof GoPro cameras, which offer incredible image quality for both video and still photos. Just set it up and you won’t miss a moment of the journey — and you won’t have to worry about pulling out your camera or phone at every corner.

Of course, when you rent a GoPro we’ll send you home with a flash drive filled with your memories; it’s as easy as that.

GoPro Camera Rental

GoPro Rental



  • Floating Hand Grip
  • Extra Battery
  • Head Mount
  • Free Thumb Drive Full of Your Adventures!

GoPro Rental


Available Extras:

  • Floating Hand Grip: $3.00
  • Extra Battery: $3.00
  • Head Mount: $3.00
  • Free Thumb Drive Full of Your Adventures!

Convenient Delivery for Scooter Rentals

We deliver our scooters anywhere on the island for a fee, ensuring that you make the most of your vacation time. Da Kars is proud to be the first and only Scoot Coupe scooter rental shop on Kauai, introducing visitors and locals alike to these zippy vehicles.

Our customers love feeling the ocean breeze in their hair as they explore the sights and discover hidden gems they might never see by car or on foot. To learn more, read through our frequently asked questions or contact us at (808) 639-0027 to request a reservation. Why drive when you can ride?

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