Da Kars of Kauai is proud to be the island’s only Scoot Coupe rental shop, but we’re not satisfied with merely getting clients into the driver’s seat of our fun, three-wheeled scooters. We also want to make sure you get the chance to explore Kauai’s many must-see attractions. Our guided Scoot Coupe scooter tours are fun, informative adventures that can be tailored to match your interests. Contact our friendly staff today at (808) 639-0027 to request a reservation or learn more about our current specials.

What to Expect on a Scoot Coupe Tour

When you choose a scooter tour from Da Kars, you’re free from following directions or watching for the next landmark. Our guides lead the way to some of the hidden gems you might not find without the help of a local. Plus, you can enjoy the sun on your face, the ocean breeze in your hair, and the simple pleasure of riding in a Scoot Coupe!

Our Kauai Scoot Coupe tours are typically three hours long and can be customized to your particular interests and needs. From the much-photographed Spouting Horn blowhole in Poipu to the sacred temple of Ka Ulu O Laka Heiau in Hanalei, we’ll share local culture and history at each stop and give you time to look around before getting back on the road.

Kauai Scoot Coupe Tour

Some of the points of interest include the following:

  • Sleeping Giant, a mountain range on the east side of the island that from afar looks like a human lying on his back
  • Hanalei Pier, a favorite gathering place since 1892 made even more popular when it was featured in the classic film “South Pacific”
  • Ke’e Beach, a North Shore destination for shoreline snorkeling thanks to magnificent reef

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Rent a Scoot Coupe for a Fresh Take on Scootering

Still wondering what exactly a Scoot Coupe is? The gas-powered scooters look like convertible cars, with the driver and one passenger sitting side-by-side, but they operate more like a bike with handlebar steering and brakes. More stable than standard two-wheelers, they are powered by 49cc moped engines and can travel up to 30 mph. Check out our FAQs to learn even more about this increasingly popular transportation option.

Be Your Own Tour Guide

If you would rather explore the island on your own, our knowledgeable staff can point you in the right direction or get you started with one of our scavenger hunts. We provide clues that will lead you to various points of interest throughout Kauai, essentially giving you a guided tour without the guide. Ask us for more details on our latest scavenger hunt, and we’ll get you and your Scoot Coupe on the road.

Kauai Scooter Tour

Thanks For the Memories

We’re so sure you’ll make lifelong memories on your Scoot Coupe adventure that we also rent GoPro cameras to ensure you don’t miss a single moment. You’ll go home with a flash drive to help you relive the good times once real life resumes, and we hope you’ll also be inspired to share your story once you get home.

If you’re excited to try a Scoot Coupe but unsure what to do once you’re behind the wheel, our exclusive scooter tours are perfect for you! Call Da Kars at (808) 639-0027 to talk details, or come visit our shop.